Lately, cordless power tools have taken over the market because of their convenience and ease of use. The availability of powerful batteries has made it possible for a manufacturer to produce cordless power tools that perform just like their corded counterparts. While this is supposed to be good news to users of such power tools, in actual sense it has made it difficult to know what is best. When it comes to best cordless angle grinders, the available brands make choosing the best a daunting task. We have combined experience with expert knowledge on cordless angle grinders to provide you with a dependable resource to help you make the right decision if you are currently looking for the best brand to buy. The resource includes a highly informative buying guide and in-depth reviews of the top 5 best cordless angle grinders currently in the market. We will start with the buying guide.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Best Cordless Angle Grinder

In order to use the information we will provide here, you must keep in the back of your mind the uses of a battery powered angle grinder. These compact tools are used in metalwork, construction work, emergency rescue work, welding, fabrication and more. This should let you know whether you should care more about the battery, the performance or the kind of applications for which you need the grinder. Each cordless angle grinder regardless of its brand comes with a guard, a side handle, and a wheel attachment wrench. These attributes are common and therefore we will not use them as factors to consider when making the important decision. However, each grinder exhibits small and subtle details that make them unique in performance and suitability for the different uses of the power tool.

1. The Cordless Angle Grinder Motor 

The rating of cordless angle grinding motors is almost the same to all brands but the type of motor itself differ. There are two types of motors – brushless and brushed motors. A few years ago, most manufacturers preferred the brushed motors but the latest trend is the use of brushless motors. The differences in the two types of motors are majorly in the technical engineering details. What you need to know is that brushed motors are cheaper and require higher maintenance. The brushless motors are quite costly but require lower maintenance. In terms of efficiency, the brushless motors are 90 percent efficient while brushed motors are just 80 percent efficient. Take your time and check the type of motor to ensure you choose what you desire.

2. The Battery 

The Best cordless angle grinders depend on batteries for their power. A high-quality grinder should possess a battery that has enough power and is capable of maintaining charger to enable you to complete the task before you. Batteries are expensive and those grinders with the best batteries are also very expensive. Two types of batteries exist for power tools – Lithium Ion and NiCad. The Lithium Ion batteries have better capacity and charge quicker than NiCad batteries making them much more expensive. Voltage rating does not have much effect when it comes to Lithium Ion batteries. What you should care about is the Ah rating also known as Amp per hour rating. The Ah ranges from 2Ah up to 5Ah in battery powered angle grinders. The higher the Ah rating the longer you will use the battery before it discharges fully. The high-quality grinder should have a battery whose Ah rating is between 4Ah and 5Ah.

3. The Grinder’s Rotations Per Minute (RPM) or Torque Speed 

A grinder with high RPM will allow you to complete your tasks quicker. High RPM motor draws a lot of power from the battery and therefore it discharged it faster. However, the job is completed faster and more efficiently. You need to balance. Whatever you are going to use this powerful tool for should determine the torque-speed to look for. For example, cutting needs high RPM but cleaning a rusty material to prepare it for welding may not require that much RPM but instead longer battery life. A great way to ensure you have a versatile machine that you can use for many different applications is to go for a cordless angle grinder with variable speed setting allowing you to toggle between high and lower torque speeds depending on your project.

4. Other Features and Accessories 

These features may have little or no effect on the performance of the grinder but can make its use safe, comfortable, convenient and versatile. These features include grinder handle, wheel and guard and heat dissipation. High-quality grinders feature movable handles, which allow you to reposition it just by unscrewing it and relocating it. This provides optional ways to use the machine for your convenience. When it comes to grinder wheel, be careful about the size of the arbor nut as well as spindle size. This will give you a good idea of the size of discs that will fit your new acquisition. The angle grinder guard is designed to protect you from flying particles at high speeds. Top quality grinders feature quick release mechanisms on the guard to allow you to reposition it without the need of tools. Heat is dangerous to electric components and therefore a good angle grinder should possess and heat dissipation mechanism. Good quality brands design heat synchronizers to dissipate heat better to cool down the machine. During your shopping, pay keen attention to brands that mention improved heat dissipation because this directly correlates with the performance and lifespan of the motor. The Best Cordless Angle Grinder We believe you are now armed with enough information to venture into the market. Remember you should tailor your choice to the very purpose you need the battery powered angle grinder. If you do not want to go through the trouble of researching based on the knowledge you have just acquired then you can just check out the following selected top quality cordless angle grinders to see if you can find one that meets your needs.  

Dewalt is one of the most popular brands when it comes to the manufacture of high-quality power tools. The Dewalt DCG412B is one of the best 4.5″ Best cordless angle grinders currently in the market. The grinder is highly versatile allowing for use in all applications that a grinder can perform. Its 8000-RPM motor delivers dependable power for grinding and cutting application while also extending battery life. The grinder is capable of delivering 10 to 20 minutes of continuous operation per charge depending on the material you are grinding or cutting. The DCG412B Quick-Change wheel release makes it possible to change the wheels without requiring any tools. It also offers two-position side handle for better control, versatility, and comfort. For easy of use and your safety, this heavy duty took features 2-finger trigger switch with a lock-off button. Dewalt DCG412B 4-1/2″ grinder can use cutting discs, Sanding flap discs, wire stringer bead wheels, metal grinding discs or depressed center wheels. Generally, this battery-powered grinder is great in quality and useful for a variety of applications. However, it may not be a good choice for professionals because it lacks a variable speed setting.
This is another high quality, compact and powerful 4-1/2-Inch Best cordless angle grinder from Dewalt. The Bare-Tool DC411B 18-Volt is perhaps the most widely used power tool. It is armed with a powerful motor capable of delivering up to 6500 RPM of torque speed suitable for almost any use. The design features a convenient trigger switch with a lock-off button to promote easy gripping. It also features a comfortable and ergonomic 2-positon side handle for greater control and convenience. The Bare-Tool DC411B low-profile gear case is designed to provide precise gear alignment for more accurate cutting and grinding. Like DCG412B, this heavy-duty machine feature Quick-Change wheel release technology, which allows you to change to wheels without requiring a spanner wrench or any other tools. This tool comes bare meaning you will have to buy the important accessories including the battery and the charger separately. However, it is compatible with the DW9117 15-minute charger and DC9096 18-volt XRP battery pack. If you already have these accessories then you can just add the Bare-Tool DC411B to your collection of power tools. This Dewalt cordless angle grinder comes with a 3-year limited warranty (from the time of purchase) covering any design flaws or materials.
If you are looking for an affordable, cost-efficient battery-powered angle grinder then you can choose Black & Decker BDEG400. Made in China, this tool delivers up to 10,000 RPM of torque thanks to its 6Amp motor. The grinder is made from highly durable metal gear case that will serve you for long without damage. It offers 3-positon side-handle (right, left and top) for additional comfort and control of the machine during grinding or cutting. It also features spindle lock for easy accessory changes. The Black & Decker BDEG400 comes with just a single disc and no case is provided in a bid to reduce the cost. But this may throw you into more problems because you have to find compatible accessories. The package includes the small Best cordless angle grinder, one metal grinding wheel, and one spanner wrench. It comes with a 2-year limited warranty.
PORTER CABLE PCC761B 20-volt MAX Lithium Bare Cut Off features a powerful and great performance motor capable of delivering up to 8,500 RPM of torque for the most aggressive cutting/grinding, finishing or removal. Its case metal gear provides for heat dissipation during extended use to increase the life of the motor and the grinder in general. The tool also features a spindle lock that allows you to change the wheels quickly and effortlessly. It also features a contoured and overmolded handle for comfortable and ergonomic use even with extended jobs. Adding to superior comfort and greater control in multiple positions is the PORTER-CABLE PCC761B‘s 3-position side handle that allows you to attach the handle on the left, right or top of the grinder. This also means both right-handed and left-handed individuals can use the grinder comfortably. The design also features a tool-free guard for quick and easy adjustments. This tool forms part of the modern 20V Max System high-performance cordless platform but it does not come with a battery. You will have to buy it separately. It also comes with a 3-year limited warranty (from the date of purchase) on manufacturing defects or design flaws. Generally, the PCC761B from PORTER-CABLE is a great choice for both professional and home use of a Best cordless angle grinder.
Experience tells me that the Hitachi G18DSLP4 18-Volt Lithium-Ion 4-1/2 Inch is one of the very best cordless angle grinders and many reasons. This extremely lightweight but powerful grinder boasts of a high torque motor capable of powering the machine through some of the toughest grinding and cutting applications. It features the so-called overcurrent protection circuitry designed to shut down the battery power in the case of an overload situation. This reduces the risk of permanent damage to the motor. Another unique feature of Hitachi G18DSLP4 is its zero voltage reset, which prevents inadvertent startups when inserting an already charged battery. It also features externally accessible brushes to allow for effortless and quick replacement of worn our or damaged carbon brushes. Its elastomer covered handle minimizes fatigue and provides for slip resistant grip. The package includes a side handle, a spanner wrench and a grinding wheel. Hitachi offers a lifetime warranty for any defects in materials or workmanship from the time of original purchase. This demonstrates the confidence of this manufacturer in their brand. This compact Best cordless angle grinder is a delight to work with and I believe you may love it too.
Final Verdict Did you find this post helpful? We guess your answer is in the affirmative. Based on the buying guide provided here, you can set out and find the best cordless angle grinder for your needs. However, you can reduce your hassle and choose from the top 5 brands that we have thoroughly reviewed here. if you are a professional, we would advise you to back up your powerful corded grinder with an equally powerful cordless version for efficiency and productive work. see more about the best angle grinder

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