Makita 18v grinder review

How often do you use an angle grinder in your garage? best angle grinder is a simple and easy type of power tool that features a larger or smaller sanding disc inside and is used for repair projects, renovation and construction projects. Which angle grinder have you ever used in your garage? Makita 18v grinder review is a must-have brush less grinder that is engineered to deliver the performance and power of a corded grinder without the hassle of a cord. This tool is ideal for sanding grinding and cutting a range of materials including pipe, tile, conduit, and concrete among others. Let’s learn more about it!

Makita 18v grinder Features and specifications

This electronically controlled brush-less angle grinder is the latest addition to the Makita’s 18V LXT family. It is preferred by many people since it runs cooler, maximizes energy usage for up to 50% longer run-time over normal brushed motors and delivers up to 8,500 RPMS. It’s the perfect tool for all household and industrial activities.

It is innovatively equipped with features that include;

i. A relatively compact and light ergonomic design at only 14-1/4-inches long.

ii. An Automatic Speed Change Technology that adjusts the rotating force and speed when in operation for efficient performance.

iii. An Electronic Torque control which turns off the motor if the rotation speed slows down suddenly or the wheel is forced to stop.

iv. It is equipped with a safety feature of an electric brake that stops the grinding or cuts off wheel in 2 seconds or less for increased protection and maximum productivity.

v. Has an anti-restart protection that is engineered to prevent the motor from starting up when battery is inserted while the switch is locked on.

vi. Has a lockable switch and batteries that click in and out very easily.

vii. Has a warranty of 3 years for increased safety and security.

viii. Works with efficiently with genuine Makita 18V Battery and charger that are sold separately.

ix. Has a soft start that suppresses start-up reaction longer gear life and smooth start-ups.

x. Has an efficient internal cooling system that is planned for optimum performance.

xi. Has a 4-1/2 x ¼ x 7/8 inch INOX 36 Grit grinding Wheel and 4-1/2 x 3/6 x 7/8 inch super thin metallic cut-off wheel

xii. Has a 4-1/2 inch tool-less wheel guard and cut-off wheel guard

Other notable features of Makita 18V grinder include;


This XAG03Z 18V Lithium-Ion Brush less 4-1/2” Cut-Off/Angle Grinder is power driven by a Makita brush less motor for increased power, speed, longer run time, and a prolonged tool life. It delivers up to 8,500RPMS giving it enough energy for sanding, cutting, and grinding a number of materials.


This world’s largest cordless tool line-up can be powered by an 18voltage LXT Lithium-Ion slide style 4.0Ah battery. This battery has the fastest charge time of utmost 40 minutes and longer working time. This means it stays for longer on operation and for a shorter time on the charger.

For improved performance and extended life of the battery this angle grinder has been innovatively equipped with a communication technology called the Star Protection Computer Controls. This technology allows the battery and the star-protection equipped tool to exchange data and information in real time. In addition, it enables it to monitor conditions during use in order to protect it against overheating, over-charging and overloading. This technology gives tool users unmatched performance and breadth of line.

The only drawback with this technology is that the batteries do not have charge indicators on them; the indicator is on the tool. To find the battery that is most charged between the two batteries, you need to put both of them on. To be on the safe side, this minor inconvenience is worth noting before buying your grinder.

Rapid Optimum Charger

Would you like to use an angle grinder that won’t require charging every time? This grinder has an 18V Lithium-Ion Rapid Optimum Charger that communicates with the battery’s built-in chip throughout the charging process. This charger optimizes the battery life by controlling the voltage, temperature and current considerably. In addition, this charger has a built-in fan that cools the battery faster for efficient charging and prevents energy lose.

Brush less motor

Makita 18V has an electronically controlled brush less motor that optimizes battery energy use by approximately 50% longer run time per every charge. It uses energy efficiently to match the RPM and the torque to the changing demands of the application. In addition, this electronically controlled motor eliminates carbon brushes enabling the tool to run cooler and more resourcefully for a longer life. Isn’t this efficient?

Extreme Protection Technology

Do you work in harsh conditions? You need not worry, this tool will care for all your needs. This efficient angle grinder has an extreme protection technology that is engineered for improved water and dust resistance during operation. It is also equipped with spiral gears for smoother rotation and efficient transfer of energy. In addition, this tool has a wire mesh intake cover that is engineered to prevent debris and other materials from entering the motor when in use.

Ease of use

Is it easy to work with this tool? Yes, it is. This angle grinder has a 3-stage L.E.D gauge for monitoring battery charge level and a lock slide switch with a lock-off for improved operator convenience. In addition, this is a well-balanced and comfortable grinder with a rubberized soft grip that provides increased comfort while on the job.

Are you looking for a machine that will give you an easy time when operating? This angle grinder is efficiently modeled with a light weight of only 5.5 lbs with battery for reduced operator fatigue. It has a small circumference motor housing with soft grip for enhanced control and comfort. This makes it easy to use and operate on efficiently.

Other accessories

What other tools give this kit the power and ability to cut, grind and sand materials such as conduits, concrete or tiles efficiently? In addition to the other tools and equipment, this 18V LXT lithium-Ion grinder is equipped with grinding wheel, wheel guard, tool bag, side handle and a cut-off wheel.

Pros of Makita 18V

Makita 18V is an efficient tool that is good at making your cutting and grinding work easier. Some of its pros include;

i. It is fast cutting with little vibration unlike other grinders

ii. Has a quick charge time

iii. Has an auto load chunk

iv. Has perfect ergonomics that fit well in the hand

v. Impeccable trigger control and a tool-belt clip

Cons of Makita 18V

Any good product in the market must have some problems. Many people complain that Makita 18V;

i. Lacks a battery level meter

ii. Lacks a built in fuel gauge

iii. The batteries do not have indicators on them, it’s inbuilt.

Why should I buy this product?

If you are looking for a cutting tool, I hope your search is over. In addition to the features and specifications listed above, this tool has taken care of your comfort by having a light and ergonomic design that is easy to use. Other than that, it also comes with a rubberized soft grip that provides comfort during operation. In addition, it delivers a power of 8500RPMS, has a perfect charger, a long battery life and a brush less motor for increased speed, power and a long tool life. Are you convinced that this is the right grinder for you?

Final Word

Do you feel confident that Makita 18V LXT is the perfect grinder for all your grinding and cutting activities? This grinder has proven itself to be the best tool for the job. You won’t be disappointed – give it a trial. You will be happy you tried!