Dewalt DWE402 is the best angle grinder.Its Have oversized brushes And Dust Ejection System you can Quick-Change Wheel Release and Newly Improved Handle.It has also auto off Brushes.
  • Eye Catchy Design
  • Fast and Powerful
  • Safe and User-friendly
  • Available Only in 120 Volts.
  • Price is a little bit higher.

Dewalt DWE402

The Dewalt DWE402 Angle Grinder Review

If you are looking for a cheap but reliable angle grinder, here’s a good news for you. DeWalt DWE402 is the grinder you were looking for all these days. Not only it is cheap but powerful too. It packs in loads of features that is very hard to find at this price point. It packs an 11 Amp AC/DC 11,000 rpm motor which is powerful enough for all the small to medium tasks.

Before we get into the review of the DeWalt DWE402, let’s talk about the brand first. Can you trust it? Is it better than Matika?

The DeWalt is an American brand which specializes in manufacturing power tools and hand tools mainly for construction. It has been in existence for more than 90 years. This speaks a lot about the company and trust it has established among its users all these years.

What’s In the Box?

Let’s take a look what you will get in the box.

You will get a – DeWalt DWE402 4-1/2-Inch 11-Amp Grinder One touch guard 2 position side handle Wrench Side handle


DeWalt DWE402 Design and Features

Now let’s talk about the design. As soon as you look at the device, you will feel the sturdiness of the tool. The combination of size and power of the grinder is the best that any angle grinder has to offer. The device is neither too big nor too small. It is just the right size for precise work.

Motor: The DeWalt tool provides you with 1.8 HP motor which more than enough to work.

Dust Ejection System: It increases the durability of the grinder by ejecting dust and debris particles that enter into the tool through the various air intake invents.

One-Touch Guard: It allows you to rotate the tool to any position you want. It’s quite handy.

Quick-Change Wheel: It allows you to change the wheel without using any wrench. This means you don’t need to carry tons of tool.

Lock Button: t has a top mounted and protected spindle lock button that helps to maximise the depth of cut without compromising durability.

Lock-Off System: The paddle switch comes equipped with a safety lock-off system that prevents accidental startup.

DeWalt DWE402 Specifications:

Weight – 1 Pounds

Product Dimensions – 15.6 x 5.9 x 4.8 Inches

Voltage – 120 Volts

Horsepower – 1.8 HP

Warranty Description – 3 Years Performance

My Experience – The Good & The Bad

The DWE402 packs in an 11 Amp AC/DC motor that can turn your grinding wheel at 11,000 RPM. This is just the right balance of power and size. This makes super easy to use the device. From the time I bought the DWE402, I haven’t faced any single issue. The dust ejection is remarkable as it helps in keeping the device clean and also free from any debris. It also comes very handy in doing small tasks like sharpening a kitchen knife. The tool is very simple and convenient to use. I used it for long sessions without any problem.

As mentioned earlier the grinder came with a wrench, a threaded locking flange, an unthread backing flange, and a case. The box is quite handy for carrying different things around.

Unfortunately, the kit doesn’t contain grinding disks. You need to buy them separately. Unlike other models, the DWE402 provides an oversized brush. This ensures twice the brush life in the comparison to other brushes. The large spiral bevel gear helps to increase the transmission life of the tool. All these little modifications assist in elongating the life span of the tool. It is also equipped with a long lasting Paddle Switch. It has a top mounted and protected spindle lock button that maximizes the depth of cut without compromising durability.

Pros Quite affordable at $$ Easy to use Durable and Sturdy build Cons Doesn’t come with grinding disks A lower amp model option would be great.


The tool comes with a 3-year limited warranty. In addition to the warranty, DEWALT tools are covered by One-Year Free Service Contract. Apart from the warranty, the DWE402 comes with 90 days money back guarantee. This means if you are not satisfied with the product, you can ask for a full refund.

Customer Feedback

The DWE402 is one of the highest rated angle grinders on Amazon. It has an incredible 4.8 rating from 224 reviews. This speaks a lot about the product.

An Amazon verified buyer says –

“Absolutely best Dewalt 4.5″ grinder compared to other Dewalt grinders. I have 4 Dewalt grinders. All 4 are great tools, but this one is my favorite. Updated to say; I just ordered 3 more of these grinders. I LOVE the one-touch guard!!!! You just bump it against the welding table to rotate it to any position you need….I’m quickly replacing all my grinders with these Dewalts.”


The DWE402 has to be the best 4.5” angle grinder in the market. You can find these grinders being used in all over the industry world and also in schools. The device’s build is quite durable, and the tool will easily last you for years together. The price is quite low as compared to angle grinders from other companies such as Makita.

I have used it for more than 4 hours continuously without any issues. The only problem I see is the motor. The motor is rated at 11 Amp which is quite high. Unless you need all that power, you may be better off buying a 7 Amp model from Makita or Bosch. This will means less weight and will also help to get into tight spaces. This will also be helpful if you have small hands.